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Royce C Adams Counselor-Coach and Relationship Therapist

save your marriage

Hello and welcome to my website and counseling practice..I originally started my career in the field of Domestic Violence and facilitating Men's Groups back in 1993...from there I trained as a Telephone Counselor with Care-Ring(Victoria, AUSTRALIA) crisis support services and intervention,an umbrella organization funded by the then State Goverment of Victoria,(Australia) and operating several crisis intervention hotlines,i.e Sucide Line,Crisis line,Mens line(deals mainly with although not exclisively with men caught up in relationship and marriage turmoil) and Kids line as well as dealing with general marital,relationship and every day issues..When the state goverment withdrew funding for Care Ring organization it was merged with Life Line organization(Vic,Australia )....Since 2001 I have been specializing in Marital and Relationship Counseling / Therapy and coaching utilizing Solution Focused /Action Orientated Counseling/Therapy and similar modalities...I have had several internet websites prior to Royce's Relationship Resource which first saw the light of day on the 1st October 2002....I hope your stay with us will ultimately prove sucessful and you acheive your hearts desire (as many have here already).You can too but you need to hurry,your partner will not wait for ever ,you need to take action now.You may not have a chance at saving your marriage tommorrow,engage the services of a

Marriage saving specialist

now and get the marriage saving book

"It Only Takes One to Get the Ball Rolling"

Save your Marriage-save your relationship-stop your divorce

and /or coaching-consulting with me as I can help you both with Relationship problems and Individual isssues. (Please be aware that there are no "quick fixes" or any "magic" or magic words that can Save your Marriage, it takes time hard work and perseverance)...I use in the main the following modalities here on the website...Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,Solution Focused Counseling and Brief Therapy,Rational Emotive Therapy and Family Systems Therapy...but all these modalities are geared towards helping you find solutions that will work for you in the shortest possible time.

I rarely conduct joint Couple Counseling here on the website for the main thrust here is to get you together with your partner in the shortest possible time to

save your marriage - give your relationship a second chance

with your partner who will likely be very suspicious of(and holding onto a polarized position) any attempts from an outside source such as counseling) to help remedy your situation... Take Action Now

without the actual fighting in acheiving it,but the fact is that in the early "post bomb" stages of a break up one partner can do much more effectively taking effective action on their own (with my book and my guidance) without their partner being actively engaged in the process or ( worst case scenario- actively hindering and attempting to spoil /derail your efforts as is the fairly common practice of a potential or soon to be walk away spouse)...than is generally given dont need your partners active involment iniately and infact joint couple marriage counseling in the early post bomb stage can do a lot more damage to an already precarious situation, particulary in the hands of the inept counselor who encourages totally damaging exercises of "he says-she says" in the counselors office.Couples who seek joint marriage counseling at the post bomb stage have for the most part left it too late for this type of "lets hear your side of the story" or "tell me how you feel"..."hmmmmnn,I see" ( as if anyone threatended with or facing a pending divorce needs to tell a counselor that they feel "freaking awful") marriage counseling to be successful although I must add that there still is hope for even seemingly the "dead on arrival relationship" but not if inept "focused on what is wrong with the relationship" counseling methods are used..these methods are akin to trying to patch up a hole in the hull of the Titanic when the ship is already sitting on the ocean floor.You need the services of a specialist to save your marriage.

email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for details....telephone +061 039444 6438 although you will need to be in possession of a cheap means to do this,possibly a cheap calling card.You can of course contact me via the website forums...

the benefits of telephone counseling coaching to save your marriage

Save your marriage-stop your divorce-save your relationship

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