Marriage Reconcilliation is not a onetime event
Written by Royce C. Adams   
Friday, 06 August 2010 08:13

Marriage Reconcilliation is not a onetime event

Getting your spouse back as "one time event" is the easiest part of trying to get back on track,to "reconcile" with a partner but getting to the point of saying "we are reconciled" as if it were a destination you have reached is very different and much harder...lett alone reaching a point of "perfection"....

Marriage reconcilliation is ongoing and everyday

The fact is that reconcilliation is ongoing ,a daily act of rebirth (of the relationship) and renewal...a desire to to in "connection" and working at it..

relating couples will always have their differences

Relating couples will always have their differneces,their conflicts, because relationships are made up of two individual people with sometimes very different styles/perspectives and approacch who are not perfect and never will- be for none one is...the trick is to navigate through this and not let the issues become breeding grounds of resesntment and relationship destroying...this takes work,this takes change(and ongoing change) and commitment...relationships are a full time can be both liberating as well as frustrating at the same time...real change is not without a can be painfull and often things do appear to be getting worse when in fact they are improving (if only a little bit,which is enough to get things underway) you can liken this to a case of fever...a fever needs to break first before health can be restored and yet breaking the fever does not mean that you will never again be unwell(without other issues and conflicts)another type of illness,immune from all ill health forver.There will likely be other issues,other conflicts,other types of illness to contend with and manage... Save your Marrriage-Stop your Divorce-Save your Relationship

Marital Reconcilliation is a journey,not a destination.



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